Minart is considered one of the integrated leading factories in the field of furniture and interior design in Egypt, established in 1989

Minart is not only manufacturing furniture but it also offers its in house art department services unit which handles creating and designing furniture units and providing space solutions to fit the client requirements and needs.

  • High quality furniture production
  • Wide range of wood different materials
  • Top notch production stages that ensure best quality result
  • Premium factory equipment, machine-based production
  • Constant quality level with CNC machines
  • Variety of designs/ textures and authentic themes
  • Brand your home services (Offering furnishing themes)
  • Hotel furnishing/ Home furniture/ Office furniture
  • Factory high capacity, production can go up to 150 room monthly
  • One year Warranty on all products
  • After sale services, life time maintenance
  • Providing space solutions
  • Full home design and furnishing
  • Furnishing consultation
  • Transportation and installation available by experts
  • +130 employees (Technicians, engineers, administration.. etc)
  • Exporting availability by order
  • Participation in local and international exhibitions

Brand Strategy Phase


  • Brand touch points


  • High quality furniture design and production (ISO 9001 – 18001 – 14001)
  • Classy production with high value materials and finish
  • Furnishing full venues with themes and artistic personalities
  • Interior consultancy and space solutions
  • Oriental/ semi-modern and semi-classic furniture art variety (Tailored designs that are specifically made to suit various needs and taste)
  • Efficiency
  • Mass production excellence
  • Honesty and commitment